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We are the originators, designers, and manufacturers of AIRFLOW and SMART airscrews.

AIRFLOW - the traditional model shape with Yellow tips to aid visibility.

SMART - similar flying qualities to the Airflow but have slightly less tip noise under certain conditions.


Both patterns are produced from European Beechwood on machines made

to our exclusive design to give accurate machining and performance consistency

Once machined, each propeller, or to give it its correct title ‘AIRSCREW’,

(strictly speaking, propellers are pushers and airscrews are tractors)

is individually finished and balanced before being sprayed (sanded between coats)

with a fuel resistant, protective and enhancing lacquer.


We use the same timber and materials and attention to detail for the AIRFLOW and SMART ranges as is required by our Military customers for their Target and Surveillance DRONES the smaller ones do in fact use ‘off the shelf’ AIRFLOW.


Over 30 years ago PUNCTILIO produced the propellers that were used on the flying models in the classic film BATTLE OF BRITAIN, not strictly UAV but it was but a short step to working closely with the growing number of UAV manufacturers.


In due course we worked with the majority of them to develop propellers appropriate to their requirements.

Amongst the prominent ones in the early days were the SHORT Bros. SKEET and its predecessor, the AEL-SNIPE - this aircraft is still being made but with a different manufacturer.

We continue to supply propellers for it.


The BANSHEE, initially produced by Target Technology but now by MEGGITT DEFENCE SYSTEMS, has used our PUSHER propellers from its initial concept.


The RAVEN, SPECTRE SEAFLY and many others including C.W.Developments MART have relied on our propellers.


The propellers we produce for UAV aircraft are constructed from laminations of specially selected European Beech which is allowed to mature in the same controlled conditions that the manufacturing workshops enjoy ,once the propeller has been machine shaped and hand balanced a coat of sealer followed by two finishing coats of high quality lacquer is applied by spray. To special order we can sheath for RAIN PROTECTION . All our propellers feature a YELLOW tip coating to aid visual safety when rotating.


We operate a stringent and continuous inspection policy during each manufacturing operation and rectify or discard as appropriate.


When finished and passed the final inspection each propeller is packed in its own box and labelled.


Propellers for TARGET AIRCRAFT form the greater part of our production but we have produced for special applications.


UAV propellers are produced to order in both TRACTOR and PUSHER configuration and unless specified to the contrary are supplied to fit the industry standard engine hub.


With over 30 years of dedicated Airscrew and Propeller production, our original policy of continual development and exploration for better performance and production techniques is still maintained.

World-wide very few manufacturers can match our experience, facilities and range of customers.